"Josie has been absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of my clients over the past year. She is extremely professional, observant, and knowledgable in the areas of sports medicine and exercise rehabilitation and I know my clients will receive the greatest level of care and attention in her hands."

Mike Rosenstock - Senior Trainer, The Hogarth Health Club

"I first came to see Josie in 2008, 3 months after falling off my bike and injuring my back. I have been 'faithful' to Josie ever since- no one else works like her! I was at such a low ebb and thought that I might never do sport or even have kids. I had been off sick from work since the accident and was on lots of painkillers. Having seen several osteopaths and physiotherapists, I thought that I was never going to recover and had even been offered a spinal fusion op on the NHS. Josie was the first person to look at my whole body and to point out that there was a lot more going on than just my back problem. With regular treatments and lots of exercises Josie helped me get back to fitness and I have been able to have 2 babies and ski black runs without a problem. She knew when I was ready to start doing Pilates and put me back in control of my body. Since then a combination of regular Pilates and occasional treatments has kept me in good shape I have the occasional flare up but Josie always gets me back on track. She is special!"

Katriona - Civil Servant

"Living with Pain Doesn't Have to be Normal!

10 years ago, I had a snowboarding accident which blew out the ligaments in my right knee. At the time, I strapped it into a brace, had some physio and thought that was the end of it.

5 years later, whilst training for the London marathon, I discovered it definitely WASN'T the end of it - and the strain from supporting my weaker knee during all that running damaged my other leg, too.

You might think that those injuries would put me off running - but in fact, quite the opposite... I can't get enough of it and have never found another sport that gives me such a buzz!

I love it so much that over the years, I've simply got used to running through pain, and experiencing swollen and stiff knees for days after each training session. Weirdly, associating running with pain became my new normal - I simply accepted it as part and parcel of doing what I loved because 'my knees were buggered'.

But that all ended when I met Josie, and went for my first consultation with her. Immediately, she was able to suss out exactly what was wrong with me - various misalignments including that my right leg was an inch longer than my left! Three appointments, some exercises and a few cracks later, and I am running completely pain free. It's a revelation - I never thought I'd be able to enjoy the sport I love without pain again.

I cannot recommend Josie highly enough - and if you have a niggling body issue which you've simply got used to being in pain with - please, please - allow her to help."

Michelle - Photographer

"I damaged the heel of my right foot about ten months ago, and this stopped me running, which was a great sadness to me. Then I developed a troublesome pain in my right  hip when walking. After three sessions with Josie,  I have been able to start running again.

I started with Just five minutes on the treadmill, and am slowly increasing this … a huge development for me.

I had thought that I would never run again. I am most encouraged, and shall continue to put myself in Josie’s capable hands."

Malcom - retired 

"Josie has really helped me to recover from the stress to my body of having a third child. Her ultrasound showing whether you are working your pelvic floor muscles correctly is hugely helpful. She also keeps me on the tennis court despite a long term shoulder injury. In realigning my body and helping me to do exercises to strengthen my core I feel far more aware of correct posture and her kind confident approach is very reassuring."

Charlotte - Lawyer

"I went to see Josie 3 years ago with a tennis injury. She is brilliant at analysing what the problem is and working out a treatment plan.  It worked for me, with a combination of her excellent physio work on me and her setting me exercises to do.  She “mended” that injury.

She now manages to keep me running around the tennis court, working through the inevitable niggles and minor injuries (inevitable for pensioner players !), with a monthly appointment (maintenance ?) to keep the old body going.  Josie is brilliant and is succeeding. Without her help I would not be able to play 4 hard sets in my tennis club’s 4th team matches in the Middlesex leagues – and I want to continue to do so.

“Age is just a number” – so long as Josie keeps working miracles !!"

Tony – Veteran Tennis Player !