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Josie Mitchell

josie-mitchellJosie worked with professional athletes and football players before developing her own practice in London.

She set up London Sports Therapy where she works alongside surgeons, chiropractors, physios, personal trainers and podatrists in helping rehabilitate patients. Over the years she has established an extensive client base in West and Central London in rehabilitation, treatment and massage.

In her spare times she consults for other clinics - for example she helped set up m8clinic where she trained and mentored their clinic staff for two years.

A graduate with a B.S.c (Hons) in Sports Therapy, and also of the Discover Physio Series that uses the ISM (Intergrated Systems Model) and the Thoracic Ring™ approach, Josie is about to embark on The ConnectTherapy™ Series Part 4, taking this whole body and treatment approach to the next level.

She has also completed a Gray endorsed Live Function Series that also focuses on tasks specific movements and therefore complements the ISM and Thoracic Ring approach.

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Mauro Scudellaro


Mauro is an experienced massage therapist who has provided sports massage for over 20 years. ITEC qualified, he is a Member of the Fellowship of Sports Masseurs. He has worked closely with Physios and Sports Therapists, professional dancers at the Rambert studio, professional cyclists and footballers.

He specializes in deep tissue massage techniques which are helpful in relieving muscular tension, improving flexibility and preventing and aiding injuries.

Soft tissue release, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques are also used, as well as acupressure to ensure that clients get a variety of approaches that best suit their condition – even if they are just looking for relaxation.