Sports Injury and Massage Clinic

treatment1At London Sports Therapy we are committed to giving you a pain-free body.

Based in Central and West London, we can help you whether you need peak performance or simply want to enjoy an active lifestyle.

You may be an elite athlete, a gym goer, a tennis enthusiast, a dog walker, a postnatal mother, or simply suffering from aches and pains. Whatever your age London Sports Therapy can help.

We assess, diagnose and treat by reviewing your everyday activities, your gait and any other functional factors that might be causing your pain.

Offering Sports Therapy, massage therapy and a host of different treatments, our aim is to get you moving pain-free.

Using a holistic approach in our assessments and treatments, we aim to help you understand why your body is hurting as well as helping you to move more freely.

So we don’t only treat your symptom - we identify the cause of the problem.

The treatment that London Sports Therapy provides is 100% tailored to you: your lifestyle, your aims and your needs.